Friday, January 26, 2007

Khalid Irfan, A Humorous Poet of Modern Times

I was relaxing on a couch on a sunday afternoon, bracing for a belated cold that gripped New York. I was listening a to an Urdu Talk Radio Show on the internet which aires live every Sunday from 1pm-4pm EST time (website: enjoying the calls and discussions on various topics and becoming nostalgic while listening to the old songs such as "Goal Gappay Walla aaya" by late Ahmed Rushdie on the radio youth hour. After a while , the host announced that Khalid Irfan is the special guest today.

I have heard about Khalid Irfan before since he also lives in New York and so do I actually happened to listen to him live rendering his poems a few years ago and I was impressed with his thoughts. I have read his columns in Pakistan Post where he wrote a segment called "Mirza Ghalib Jackson Heights Paar" which was really interesting. I called him and asked him to appear on Urdu Talk Radio which he agreed. As he appeared on the show and started reciting his poetry in his own unique style, I laughed and laughed for quite a while and could not resist write my first blog on him.

Khalid Irfan, is originally from Karachi, but now resident in Queens, New York is one of Urdu's most established humorists of today.

Khalid Irfan enthralled not only me but also the audience with his humorous poetry with a tinge of satire. He has not only penned verses on the traditional issues that most humorists would like to highlight, but also the current issues such as political and social issues faced by the society not only in Pakistan but also in the US.

I think he is the only poet who wrote humorous poetry on the social and political problems faced by the Muslims in the US. Here is his famous verse on halal haram issue that made headlines among the Pakistani community abroad. It signifies a stark reality that a community faces while living in a liberal society.

As a humorist, a lot of his poems touched some critical international issues as well and he aired his expressions in the form of humor which very few can during these testing times.

Khalid irfan is not only a humorous poet but he also wrote a very touching poetry on Pakistan earthquake which leads me to believe that being a poet he is a very sensitive person. Zalzalay thoo nay mairay baagh kay ghunchay thoray (Earthquake, you plucked the flower buds in my garden

I want to share his poetry in his voice and style which I am pretty sure would make you laugh a loud. He appears in the 3rd hour of the show so you can download the complete file of the show and forward to listen to it (BTW, I would suggest you to listen to the complete 3 hour Radio show which is USA's one of longest running Urdu Talk Radio has songs , talk, interview and other interesting segments). The radio has just finished 10 years of broadcasting and now it is live on the internet). His famous verses on “Halal Haram” made headlines among the Pakistani community especially in the US (shown in the image above).

Click here to listen to his interview and his poems on Urdu Talk Radio Chicago Show in which he appeared in the 3rd hour of the show.